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The pediatrician's role in your child’s care

According to Kimberly Clare, MD, the clinical director at TLC Pediatrics, pediatricians in the TLC practice conduct routine developmental screenings, but she suggests that if parents have concerns they should raise those concerns during their child's doctor visit.

Jamee Goldstein, DO, pediatrician with Monroe Pediatrics tells parents to write down their questions before they come to the office. She says that is the best way to make sure your questions are addressed.


“Look for a pediatrician who is responsive and understanding,” say Kristi Wilson, mom of a son with autism. “And you want someone who keeps up on the current data.” Kristi says Jake’s current pediatrician realizes that Jake can’t sit in the waiting room. “I call before we leave the house,” says Kristi. “And they have an examination room waiting for us. I know we are getting preferential treatment, but otherwise it just wouldn’t work.”