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The new drugs on the block

Know the new trends in drug use among kids

Don’t be left out of the loop. Stay one step ahead of your kids by knowing about what drugs are available, both legal and illegal. All adults need to educate themselves on:

Salvia – a Mexican herb sold online and at head shops. Touted as the “new LSD,” Salvia is known as “Sally D” or “Magic Mint.” It has a short-lasting hallucinogen effect.

Snurf – known as “herbal ecstasy,” these pink pills actually contain high doses of DXM (the main ingredient in cough syrup). Very dangerous side effects.

Nutmeg – high doses of the spice can cause effects similar to the drug Ecstasy. Some teens don’t feel a thing, others report “tripping out.”

Mothballs – some teens are sniffing mothballs to get high. The main chemical paradichlorobenzene (PDB) can cause neurological problems. 

If you think your child has a substance abuse problem or if you just want more information on drug use, read this.

Information courtesy Lt. Rose of City of Newburgh PD and Dawn Wilkin CPS of Team Newburgh.