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The Do’s and Don’ts List of Packing Camp Gear

Keep to the list that the camp provides and follow the instructions on what NOT to bring. “Our families are good,” says Brad Finkelstein, co-director of Campus Kids in Minisink, NY. “We send out a parent’s handbook that really spells out what is allowed and what isn’t.” Allowing your child to take contraband sends the wrong message. Resist if the urge arises.

Gear up for camp!

While some camps ban all electronic devices, Campus Kids allows certain gadgets – although it can get complicated. Take digital cameras, for instance. “We struggle with it. Pictures are a big part of the camp experience, but sometimes the cameras are tied into other gadgets,” says Finkelstein. Campus Kids is also unusual in that they have a fairly lenient phone call policy.

“Many kids need it. We find it to be a positive, not a negative.” He says calls are allowed once a day if requested. They are short and only to family members. “Today’s world is technical and everyone is connected.”

Is camp the solution to summer weight gain?

To preserve an authentic camp atmosphere, Campus Kids requires that all electronic devices, including cell phones, are handed to a camp counselor, who lets the child use it during approved times. “Camp is all about making friends, being outside, and trying new activities,” says Finkelstein. Your child’s camp experience will be treasured for years to come.


Jan Udlock is a freelance writer and mom of five. She has wonderful memories of going to camp where her grandmother was the crafts director.