The Potential To Become

Your Best Self Has Yet To Be Revealed!

         Hey, I have a secret to tell you, but you've gotta promise not to repeat it. I am being real transparent and vulnerable right now. Not too long ago, I had no idea what blogging was! I had heard bits and pieces, but wasn't quite sure what all the buzz was about. I didn't know of anyone that was blogging nor did I know where to find them. You see I have been stuck in a time warp, and with great company I must add. I still prefer to write letters (in cursive) and send via "snail mail". I like receiving "thinking of you" cards in my mailbox as opposed emails. Don't get me wrong, it is convenient to send and receive email notes, especially to those loved ones long distance. For instance,  I have a close friend in the US Military who was deployed to North Korea. I appreciate that we can communicate in a matter of seconds at any time of day. On that note, let me say to all Military Personnel and their families, a heart felt thank you!
      If I recall correctly, my first exposure to blogging was a site wherein people seemed to be so angry and critical of everything and everyone. That negativity turned me off. So I didn't pursue other avenues, thus my idea of blogging was not a good one. That was until I visited Hudson Valley Parent Magazine Blog site. Wow, was my first reaction, then I felt sad because I had been missing out on so much good information and life stories! I have always been an avid reader so this was right up my alley.
         Although I enjoyed the various writings of others, the thought of me becoming a blogger NEVER entered my mind. I said to a friend, "In another life I am sure I was a journalist or novelist or some sort of writer." She then replied, "As long as I have known you Paper, Pencils and Books have been your Constant companions. Why not do what you love to see others do yourself, now, in this life?" Then the opportunity presented itself.
She was right, I have always been fascinated by the thoughts of others and found my love for keeping a diary at a very young age. I started recording my life seriously when I entered High School in the not so distant past My first recordings were of the summer heading to HS when my cousin Tyrone and I decided to put ourselves on a diet. We were always chubby kids and had endured teasing most of our childhood. we were determined not to enter HS 'fat'.
I was called Flabby Gabby by two classmates in particular, whose names I will not reveal to protect the guilty. (Side bar: Bullying is nothing new. However, it is very important that Parents/Guardians  daily show and tell your children how much they are loved and valued. Remind them of their uniqueness and how the world is a better place because they are in it. Reassure them that it their High Opinion of themselves that truly matters!!) We chose Saltine Crackers and Cherry Kool-aid as our menu: breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole summer, just the thought of it makes me nauseous! We went hours without eating and walked the entire City of Newburgh several times.What the heck were we thinking?? We gave up Fried Foods, Junk foods, and Home made cakes (which looking back was smart). And yes, we trimmed down, a lot. I lost over thirty pounds and Tyrone lost over 40 (nearly 40 years later I am still bothered by that:).
          From that time, even unto today, I have always kept a journal. Unfortunately, when I got married in 1995, I was convinced that I should let go of the past and throw them all away!!! The things we do for love amazes me (as I sit here and chuckle). However, I found that passion again, and will continue to journal my last day here on earth. (*Note to future husband if you are reading this, I will not throw my journals away. I hope you can live with my memories!) Most people are not even aware that I have also recorded a part of their life because of our interactions. I can go back to any day since July 1, 2010 and find what I did, said, or thought and who I shared my time with.
      So what does all  this have to do with my rambling right now? In life we often prepared for the future unaware. I actually walked up the hill passed 174 South Street , in Newburgh, which is the home HVP Magazine every day of High School. Coincidence?  I don't think so. What we do today has a great to do with what we will do in our tomorrows. We are on a path to somewhere specific to each of us. We are walking it out everyday of our lives. Each new 24 hours reveals a little more of why we are here, individually and collectively. You may be on a job or in a relationship or in college and are not sure where it is going, but do it any way and do it with excellence! The answer will come, some times immediately, sometimes not. Purpose is not limited by time, therefore do not allow age or some other fearful excuse be a deterrent of starting something new. At this writing,I am 52 1/2 years young. I have so much more to be, to do, to see. When I posted my first blog a few weeks ago, I was so unsure that I could even do this. So many questions popped in my head, "will people like me? will people want to continue reading? who the heck are you anyway?" and so on and on! There were a thousand no's that came to hold me back, but the one Yes was all I needed to hit the post button.I love writing and why not share my thoughts with others. Isn't that part of the reason we are here, to share our lives together? Until our last breathe, we have the potential to become a better version of ourselves. If you don't already have a 'Bucket list', I encourage you to start one today. We are on assignment, but Life wants us to also enjoy our time here. Do what is necessary to be happy, healthy and prosperous in your soul and finances. You deserve the best and should expect the best that Life has to offer.

I am like a flower that is just beginning to bud. I am blossoming at a Divine pace and becoming a better me every day. I appreciate where I am now and look forward to a glorious future. Others love and support me. The Universe is on my side, therefore, I can achieve what I believe I am worthy to receive!

Fondly Yours,


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