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The anti-bullying lesson | A Free E-Guide

Behind every story of bullying is a story of pain and fear

Anti-bullying lesson and e-guide

"Behind every story of bullying is a story of pain and fear. I can't do this alone. I need help". -Sandy Lundy

bullying prevention familyIn October we shared the heartbreaking letter and story of a local mom fighting for bullying prevention after the sudden death of her son Shane who took his own life at age 11, An open letter to My Son’s Bully.

Sandy, Shane’s superstar mom, talks about how she has “two choices now: fall into a dark place of which I know I won’t be able to come out of or do what Shane would have wanted me to do- make a positive change”.

Shane’s Imagine Nation was created to recognize and reward children who stand up and speak out against bullying. “I intend to activate the silent majority of kids who have either been bullied or have witnessed bullying. More importantly I will promote kindness and instill the concept that kindness is cool (because it is)!" 

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Every day, millions of kids are being bullied. Bullying CAN be prevented. Sandy offers resources on Shane's Imagination Nation about types of bullying, standing up to bullies, suicide prevention, leading by example, recognizing a child who is being bullied, what's bullying and what's not, and common myths about bullying.

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Sandy writes, “I intend to do everything I can to ensure that this does not happen to any other child. The resources on the website are designed to help people know how easy it is to start a community-wide bullying prevention program. In addition, it’s also important that everyone understand what bullying really is and how it impacts everyone including kids that see it happening”.

According to, 20% of kids say they have been bullied.

bullying nightmare

“Our strength lies in our collective action and understanding. The madness must end and we can’t just rely on the schools to be the only ones to educate the kids”.

It's Time for Change.

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