Dining Out: Terrapin in Rhinebeck

A "magical" experience suitable for all ages

 delightful setting at Terripan Restaurant

From the moment my wife and I stepped into this converted 1820’s Baptist church (on Rhinebeck’s main thoroughfare), we knew that more than just dinner awaited.  Terrapin Restaurant, Rhinebeck, NY  is a truly thought-inducing, awe-inspiring sort of space - big vaulted ceilings and masterfully-crafted original woodwork that’s been in existence since its days as a house of worship.  One word sums up the ambience…“magical.”  

As far as the layout goes, there is a bistro side, with a bar area and an all-day menu that runs from early afternoon through close.  Besides enjoying their tapas menu & cocktails, you can also watch the big game in this room on their strategically placed hd screen.  Then, on the other side of the restaurant you’ll find a handsomely decorated dining room that opens for dinner.  Astonishing allure abounds, and we haven’t even (gotten to the most exciting constituent just yet…the food.


Apps: We started with 2 appetizers.  The macadamia-nut tempura calamari was fried lightly with a crispy outside and a soft delicate inside.  It was served up with a delicious pineapple dipping sauce.  Next we tried the barbequed duck quesadilla with mango-avocado salsa.  Delish!  Truly well put together dish – flavorful with just the right amount of tang and acidity, sent out with a stamp of grill char. 

Great food at Terripan Restaurant 

On to the main course. The “horseradish-crusted sushi-grade ahi tuna with miso aioli” showcased one of the most generous pieces of tuna that we’ve ever been graced with.  Cooked to perfection – nice sear on the outside while the inside was kept in tact; quite moist and delectable.  Bok Choy and oyster mushrooms co-inhabited the plate space, and weren’t overly aggressive, complementing the delicate fish nicely.  Generous dollops of a thick miso aioli garnished the dish, adding to it’s already tremendously appealing presentation.

terrapin in rhinebeck New York


To say that the second entrée was extremely special would be the understatement of the evening.  The Asian-style pork tenderloin was the star of the show - more accurately described on the menu as their “pork tenderloin with Thai orange-coconut curry.”  Wow.  A faintly crisp exterior, gave way to a lean, juicy center.  The plate was both earthy and sharp, thanks to the coupling of the spinach and the spicy jade minted rice served alongside the pork.  The sweetness incorporated, courtesy of the coconut/hint of orange duo really rounded out this perfectly balanced dish.  My mouth is still watering just thinking about it.


For dessert we shared a warm flourless chocolate torte that they call “molten chocolate cake."  The torte was both subtle (the cake that encapsulated the dish) and decadent (the rich, creamy filling).  What a nice punctuation to a scrumptious meal.


Lastly, the service was friendly & knowledgeable, and the beer/wine list impeccable. 


Note: For parents & families looking to truly enjoy a day or night out, one of Terrapin’s main draws involves their acclaimed organic children’s menu.  While the quality and standard of your “adult” food is joyous, their organic children’s menu will also keep your kids both happy & healthy.  And it’s not just your typical children’s menu either. Instead, you’ll find extensive selections comprised of free-range, hormone-free & antibiotic-free ingredients.  Terrapin is definitely one of those gems that the whole family can and will enjoy.

Terrapin6426 Montgomery Street, Rhinebeck
(845) 876-3330(845) 876-3330 

Serving lunch and dinner, seven days a week:

Red Bistro/Bar:
Sun-Thurs: 11:30am-11:00pm
Fri & Sat: 11:30am-12:00am

Dining Room:
Sun-Thurs: 5:00-8:30pm
Fri & Sat: 5:00pm-9:30pm

Jason Weinstein and his wife Nicole (and now their newborn son Wilson J) love dining out in the Hudson Valley because of the abundance of fresh locally sourced ingredients, united with the vast creativity of the area’s chefs.

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