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Tech camps inspire teens

Specialized camps can do wonders for your teens!

Ian Cinnamon is a programming phenom inspired by what he learned at ID Tech Camp. He then used his new knowledge to write a book titled Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius, create iPhone® applications, started not one but two companies and more! Read below and be inspired. The sky is the limit to what you can accomplish and iD Tech Camps will help you begin your own journey to do something big!

iD: What grade are you in school?
I’m currently a Senior in high school. I have been accepted to MIT, and am really excited about the future!

iD: Which iD locations did you attend?
UCLA and Stanford.

iD: Which courses have you taken over the years?
3D Game Design, Web Design & Flash Animation, Programming in C++ or Java, Programming v2.0 and Special F/X Editing.

iD: How many seasons have you attended our camps?
5 (2002-2006).

iD: What are the best things about iD Tech?
It’s a gateway into the world of technology. iD has terrific, well-trained and professional staff, a wide variety of courses, and the overnight program is awesome!

iD: How has iD benefited you outside of camp?
This was the first serious exposure I had to programming – from there I wanted to learn more about C++, Java, and programming in general.

iD: How has attending iD Tech Camps inspired you?
At 15, I wrote Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius (McGraw-Hill, 2008), at 16, I became a programmer developer for the Apple iPhone creating several applications including “Car Finder” which was recently featured in the New York Times. Most recently, I’ve co-founded a new company, oSnapplications ( which features an app called uTourX. uTourX allows anyone to make a tour of any college campus – and then people who download the free app can purchase these user generated tours (some of the money goes back to the tour creator).

This past summer I did research at a program called the Research Science Institute, in collaboration with CEE and MIT. We lived in MIT dorms and worked on research projects with MIT professors. The paper on my project, titled “Visual Search with Relative Stereoscopic Depth,” was given the “Semifinalist” recognition by the Siemen’s Foundation. The common denominator in all these activities is my love of programming and engineering which took root at iD Tech.

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iD: Is iD a good place to make friends?
In most schools you may have just a handful of students with interest in the sciences. Most definitely, one of the best things about iD Tech is being with like-minded kids. It makes the whole experience fun.

iD: What’s your favorite tech gadget?
My iPhone!

iD: What are some other fun things you participate in?
I’m captain of Harvard-Westlake’s Robotics team and founder/captain of the Rocketry Club.

iD: What are your plans for college?
My dream is to attend MIT or Stanford.

iD: What are your future goals?
To be involved in research that helps others and to use creative thinking to solve problems.

iD: Anything else you’d like to add about your iD Tech experience?
Wherever my future interests leads me I will always have fond memories of iD Tech… especially the “pie in the face” ritual at the camp’s closing sessions.

iD: What’s your advice for future iD Tech campers?
Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science and other scientific fields are in great need of young, eager, creative thinking students who will someday lead the way. My advice: Sample as many iD Tech courses as you can. You never know what areas will fire you imagination!

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