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Mom, I need some prozac!

In order for children to learn how to deal with stressful situations, they need practice now when they have your help and support.

Talking about 9/11

Your behavior in stressful situations will affect your child's reactions. If you are able to remain calm, despite feeling upset, this will give your child a feeling of security.

This is especially important in very frightening situations such as a car accident or a natural disaster such as a bad storm or an earthquake. It is also important in the case of more routine problems such as when your youngster has made a mistake and is afraid of disappointing or angering you.

Naturally, you will have your own feelings to contend with, and you should be honest with your child about them. Let her know, for example, that you feel frightened, too, in a bad winter storm, or that you feel sad about leaving behind friends and favorite things when you move.

This lets your child know that it's okay to have feelings like fear and sadness. It helps her feel more comfortable about such feelings in herself. Try to teach your child by your example to put these feelings in to words rather than becoming immobilized by them.

Your child depends on you for comfort, reassurance, and stability, especially in stressful times.

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