Talking with your teen - Tip #6

Review your relationship



 6. Review your relationship.

 Most places of employment offer employees an annual review. Managers feel this is a productive way to offer staff constructive criticism and future growth opportunities. Parents, on the other hand, can only be evaluated by the success of our children.


For many of us, only time will tell. So, for today, start talking with your child now. Decide which issues are the most important to you and your family. Maintain your position as the authority figure, not as another friend or confidant for your child.


Allow some time and space for your child to think, but do not walk away or back down from difficult issues. Take a look at the work you have done to date and decide what has worked and areas where you may be able to improve. Check out local parenting seminars, stay current with the technology your child is able to use and keep up the good work!


Sharon MacGregor is the mother of two teen boys in Sullivan County.

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