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Top 3 books to prevent summer brain drain

Your kids won't even know they're learning!

Summer is supposed to be a fun-filled break from school, but that doesn't mean the learning has to stop. During the summer, students need to read and challenge their brains to prevent summer brain drain. These fun and educational books are great for kids. They will have so much fun reading, they won't even realize they are learning!

1. Animalia By: Graeme Base (suitable for ages 4-7)
This colorful and captivating book is perfect for little ones. Animalia is an alphabet book like no other, with detailed art work and interesting descriptions of animals from A-Z. It can be used to teach and reinforce the alphabet to young ones. Kids who are a little older will learn new vocabulary and descriptive words.

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2. Math Curse By:Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith (suitable for ages 6-11)
Math skills decrease during the summer if students don't practice and challenge themselves. This fun book is packed with word problems and equations that fit right into the story. Kids will figure out the problems as the story goes on, and have fun doing it! This book will prove to kids that math skills are important and can be used in everyday situations.

3. Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space By: Dominic Walliman & Ben  Newman (suitable for ages 7-11)
Don't forget to brush up on your science this summer, too! School-aged kids will love the colorful illustrations and the easy to understand explanations about our universe. The book is a perfect mixture of well-worded explanations to practice reading and diagrams to help with concepts. Your little scientist will love spending some time getting to know all about space!

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