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Ways to enjoy summer without going away

If an elaborate vacation is not in your budget, never fear we know just how to have fun at home!

make the most of summer at home no vacation

Who says that you have to go away somewhere in order to have a fun summer? You can have a great family vacation in your town and in your own backyard. There are many simple activities and places to go to spend time together as a family without spending a lot of money. Check out these family fun activities that will have the whole family enjoying summer!

  1. Pool Party

Do you happen to have a refreshing pool in your backyard? Take advantage of this and have the whole family enjoy some pool time. Make it a fun event by judging who can make the biggest splash or play a game of Marco Polo. Invite the neighborhood friends so that everyone can play together!

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  1. Day at the Park

Who doesn’t love parks? Your child will love going on the playground and having you push the swing! Get the family involved by having a picnic on the lawn and playing a game of catch or Can Jam! Here would be the perfect moment for your child to practice riding a bike. A beautiful summer day needs to be spent in the outdoors with the people that you love.

  1. Visit Attractions in your Area

Are there any special attractions in your area? This would be the perfect time to take another trip here or go there for the first time with your family. Waterparks or amusement parks nearby? Nothing says summer like going on the big water slide or going on one of the tallest rollercoasters! Any museums or historical sites? Take your children on a trip to these places so that you can give them a teaching moment that will interest them. Summer is the perfect time to take trips and an all-day event to a place nearby that you weren’t able to go to before.

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  1. Movie Marathon and Pajama Party

Still haven’t seen Zootopia? Take the day to have a movie marathon with your family. Select movies that the whole family will enjoy such as any favorites or any movies that haven’t been seen before. Your children will love to get the chance to watch their favorite Disney movies with you. Make it a Pajama party so that everyone is comfortable and relaxed. Hakuna Matata!

  1. Campfire in Backyard

S’mores anyone? Make a bonfire in your backyard and roast some delicious marshmallows. Don’t forget the graham crackers and the chocolate! Make it a fun family moment by singing campfire songs and sharing funny family stories that will have your children laughing. Nothing brings your family closer together on a nice summer day than a campfire!