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Sugar Loaf Art & Craft Village

Discover, enjoy, spend the day!

Deep in Orange County, beneath Sugar Loaf Mountain is a small village that dates back to the 1700's. The tiny houses, barns and buildings are still standing and are home to artists and small business owners who, enthusiastically, take care of this tiny hamlet, keeping it alive. Sugar Loaf Art and Craft Village feels like you have stepped back in time! Each building meticulously kept and maintained so that visitors can steep themselves in history and art!

A large wooden sign indicates that you are entering Sugar Loaf Village. There is free parking all along the roads, so we chose to park right on Kings Hwy and start our adventure from there. There is a walking path online, that indicates where all the shops are, as well as a small duck pond and Sugar Loaf Crossing; a small green space where lots of free performances are held during the warmer months. Everything in the village is within easy walking distance, and my daughter loved darting from shop to shop.

Each shop is housed in an original house, barn or studio; the exposed beams, rich dark barn wood and low ceilings make for a very magical and historic feeling. There are benches, rocking chairs and cozy nooks all throughout the village, so you can slow down or rest weary feet.

The first shop we stopped in was LightClub Curiosity Shoppe. This place was a wonderland of mystic items! Jewels, gems, love potions, burning sage, incense, sprays to ward of bad, kits to make you rich; you name it and it was there! My daughter picked out a small necklace that holds gems to help with worry and bring good luck. It was a fantastic place to explore, for sure!

Our next stop was Merrily, a paper goods and gift store! This places was full of chic children's gifts as well as cards, writing paper and paper decorations. I was in love with all of the bright colors, shabby chic styles and unique one-of-a-kind items. My daughter loved playing with all the small, cheerful toys.

Right next door is Rosner Soap and across the alley is Sugar Loaf Mountain Herbs. Both of these stores are a treat for your senses! You can smell Rosner's before you even enter the building. The shelves and shelves of bright, handmade soap look like bars of candy! We touched, smelled and touched some more before buying a bar for each of us! Sugar Loaf Mountain Herbs grows, dries and blends all their own teas, spices and other herby delights. The lawn in front of the store is full of beautiful herbs and plants. Feel free to sit in the shade at their patio tables and bask in the aromas.

My most favorite stop was The Candle Shop! Upon entering your eyes are immediately drawn to the ceiling where hundreds of hand-dipped candles hang. There are candles burning on a table in the corner giving off an intoxicating scent; light and spicy. The gentleman behind the counter is happy to show you how he makes them, his kitchen covered in a rainbow of melted wax. My daughter was in love with this place as well!

We happily spent a whole day in Sugar Loaf exploring, relaxing in rocking chairs and buying goodies. It is so worth the drive!

Our last stop was a town over, in Chester for some authentic Israeli food. It was very family friendly, the service was fast and the food was outstanding. We loved the seating, cushy benches covered in lots of bright, sparkly pillows. They had delicious, approachable food, even if you have never had Israeli before. My 7 year old devoured everything! I highly recommend Allen's Falafel on your way back home!

Tips for this visit:
  • Everything was pretty much stroller friendly, however the buildings are very small so I highly suggest leaving the stroller outside and being prepared to wear/hold babies and very small children.
  • Every place that we went to accepted our debit card, there are 2 ATM's nearby just in case (located on the walking map).
  • Parking is easy and free.
  • The whole town is easy to walk and there are sidewalks throughout.
  • I did not notice public bathrooms while we were there, we did not have to use them so I would definitely keep that in mind when visiting.
  • It was winter when we went, so we did not visit the small duck pond, but in the warmer months it is a very fun place to take children!

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