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STEAM fun for Valentine's Day

Super easy experiments to do with your kids for Valentine's Day

STEAM fun for Valentine's Day

STEAM activities are super important for kids learning. We found some fun and cool experiments you can do at home with the kids. And they have a Valentine's theme.

Valentine's Thaumatrope Spinners STEAM Activity from Little Bins for Little Hands
These are so simple to make and kids love the effect. Only 4 items are needed for this project. This one is great for the littler kids.

Grow a candy heart from Gift of Curiosity 
You can't get much easier than this activity. Water, a plate and some hard coated candy pieces are all you need to have fun here. Kids will love seeing this project color itself.

Kids will learn a little engineering from this one. Popsicle sticks and the iconic conversation hearts are combined to create a tower. See how tall your kids can make theirs.

Computer free Valentine's Day Coding STEM activity from Little Bins for Little Hands
Use pony beads, pipe cleaners and a downloadable chart to say "I love you". This one is good for kids who are really crafty.

Fizzing Heart Art Eruptions from the Pinterested Parent
Combine art and science with this fun activity. Cut out some hearts (watercolor paper is best) and sprinkle with baking soda. The fun comes when you add the colored vinegar. Kids will love watching this chemical reaction create beautiful art.

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