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My child wets the bed, now what?

Keeping your child dry through the night can be a frustrating task. If you’re at a loss for what to do about the nighttime tidal wave, keep these simple tips in mind.


-Tell the child’s doctor

-Note the child’s bathroom habits

-Buy plastic mattress & pillow covers

-Stock up on clean sheets

- Avoid constipating foods

-Restrict fluids before bed

-Wake the child during the night to urinate

-Consider a wetness alarm

-Praise morning dryness

-Look for kids’ books about bed wetting

-Help the child practice going & stopping the flow

-Consider Desmopressin for special events


-Cause your child stress

-Punish the child

-Assume the child doesn’t care

-Assume there is no medical cause

-Ridicule the child in public and/or private settings

-Ignore the issue and hope it corrects itself