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Tips for a Healthy Spring

Make the most of this season

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The sun is out and spring has finally sprung! Your family has survived another brutal Hudson Valley winter and they are ready to get outside and enjoy the local beauty.

The doctors at Middletown Medical gathered up the top 7 ways to stay healthy this spring. Enjoy the new season in tip top shape!

1.   Protect your family from the sun. Nothing feels better than the warm sun on your skin after another bone-chilling winter in the Hudson Valley. But nothing is worse than sun damage or a painful sunburn. Brush the sand off of last year’s tube of sunscreen and check the expiration date. Don’t forget to protect your eyes from the sun too. Kick off the season with a stylish new pair of sunglasses for everyone in your family.   

2.  Get outside. The snow seems to have fallen for the last time this season. Winter kept your family cooped up and had your kids climbing the walls with boredom. Spring is here and it’s time to get outside for some fresh air and the most natural form of Vitamin D! Soak up the sun (while still protecting your family from the harmful UV rays). After a gray winter stuck indoors, nothing could be better for your mental health than getting outside with your family.

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3.  Protect your family from ticks and tick borne illnesses. Warmer weather brings everything out from its winter slumber…including ticks! Protect your family (and fur babies) from ticks and the diseases they carry. Tuck loose pants into socks and shoes, wear protective repellants and complete thorough tick checks of family members after your fun in the sun.

4.  Stay hydrated. Hydration is key to staying healthy this spring. Limit sodas and sugary drinks and stick to good clean water for tons of great benefits. Increase your energy, attain clearer skin and stay healthy by drinking your 8 glasses a day!

5.  Revamp your diet. The holidays came and went and they seem to have taken your healthy eating mindset along with them. Get back in the swing of things with some fresh, local foods! Farmers markets are springing up all over the Hudson Valley to welcome in the new season. Feed your family fresh foods and give them the best fuel to start the day.

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6.  Have fun! After a boring winter, fill your spring with family fun! Spend your days hiking, playing outside with your kids and at any local festival you can find!

7.  Schedule an appointment with your physician. Spring signals a time of change. Flowers are blooming and animals are coming out of their hibernation…and so are you! But before you embark on a strenuous hike or revamp your diet in any extreme way, make sure you make a visit to your doctor. 


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