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Spooky Halloween Treats You Can Play With

Kids will have fun crafting these little treat tubes

Spooky Halloween Treats You Can Play With

Halloween is a great time for crafting with the kids. These fun little tubes are easy to make and can hold treats of any kind. As a bonus the tubes themselves turn into fun little puppets to play with when they are empty.

non-candy treats for halloween

We are filling our mummies and bats with small glow sticks, a fun necklace and a joke teller. Some other fun things to include could be tiny bottles of bubbles, plastic spider rings, small Halloween erasers, tiny note pad, stickers, little wind up walkers, rubber bracelets, or a small grow a pet. Party stores and dollar stores have a great selection of Halloween themed trinkets to choose from.

Hope you enjoy making these for your kiddos to play with.

 halloween mummy craft



Empty toilet paper tubes (or you can cut paper towel tubes in half)

White crepe paper

Googly eyes

Double sided tape



White tissue paper


Assorted trinkets (or candy)

To make the mummy: Begin by cutting approximately 15 inches of crepe paper. Fold the crepe paper in half to make ½ inch wide. Stick a piece of double-sided tape to the top edge of the tube. Adhere the end of the crepe paper to the tube and begin wrapping.  You can leave a few gaps to give the “wrap” a whimsical look (and less like a roll of toilet paper). When you get to the end, use another piece of tape to hold the end in place. Next, glue on googly eyes.

To make the treat pouch: Cut a length of tissue paper to fit your trinkets, or candy. Roll the items up and tie the ends with string. Slide the pouch inside the mummy tube. That’s it!

 halloween bat craft for kids



Toilet paper tubes (or paper towel tubes cut in half)

Black tissue paper


Bat shaped cut outs (or make your own from construction paper)

Googly eyes



 bat craft for kids

Begin by prepping the ends of the tubes. Using your thumb, gently press one side of the tube opening toward the inside of the tube. It should make a semi-circle closure. Now press the other side in to meet. Do this to both ends to pre-score the ends to make a closure when wrapped.

Next cut the black tissue paper 1-2 inches longer than each end of the tube. Wrap the paper around the tube and secure with tape in the center of the tube. Tuck the longer edges of paper inside the tube and push the ends closed. Glue the googly eyes onto the bat and glue the bat onto the tube. When you are ready to fill with treats, open one end and put them inside the tube and close the end.

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