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Daniel Pierce Library Recognized for Spirit of Giving Sweeps

HVParent donates $500 worth of books

award winner

For the third year in a row, we asked readers to nominate their favorite library and share why they are grateful for them. The two libraries with the most nominations were awarded a book bundle worth over $500! This year, parents and patrons of 52 Hudson Valley Libraries voted for their favorite during our recent Spirit of Giving Sweepstakes on #GivingTuesday. Readers told us why they want to honor their library with more than 380 endearing comments!

Congratulations to the top 2 winners!

328 Main St, Grahamsville

We asked readers who nominated Daniel Pierce to tell us what they love most about their library and this is what they had to say:

"Absolutely everything!  When the library was added on to a decade ago, it was mentioned that it should be good for another 100 years. The original building was built in 1898. There are books, computers, and everything that goes along with the usual library. My favorite rooms are the original parts of the library,which are still intact; along with the reading room, which includes the baby grand piano, fireplace and entrance to the terrace outdoors. There is a marvelous series of paintings in the children's area done by Helena Clare Pittman. We have a room full of local information through the history of Sullivan County. Our librarians, director and board members are top notch. Our library is not only one of the best I've ever been to, it is also a prototype for other libraries on how to 'come of age'" says Patricia G, Grahamsville.

Community feel seems to be at the top of the list of reasons to love the Daniel Peirce Library!

Dee R, Woodbourne loves "The welcoming feeling" while Katherine W, Fallsburg loves that they are "very community involved"! Bill R, Neversink agrees his favorite thing about the library is the "community feel."

Deirdre M, Grahamsville tells us, "It's a wonderful place to be, people are very friendly and it has a great atmosphere!"

"It’s always supporting the community and providing great programing," says Nicole R, Grahamsville.

The children's programs, specifically the story times are definitely a beloved feature of the library!

Heather B, Grahamsville says her favorite is Mother Goose story hour and everything they do for all of the children in the town.

"I love Mother Goose time for my 15 month old son. I think it is a great opportunity for both of us to meet local families who have children the same age, and it is a wonderful learning environment. The staff is always a pleasure," says Samantha G, Neversink.

Another vote for Mother Goose Story Time! "Mother Goose program, many other programs that the library offers to the community that are beneficial to all ages." - Charlotte D, Neversink.

"The children's programs are the best!", comments Rose W, Liberty.

Jennifer P, Neversink agrees that "all the children's programs from ages 6 months to 12 years old are the best."

Many patrons, such as Michelle D, Grahamsville and Tara W, Neversink agree: The Children's Programs are a favorite!

From the nearly 45 nominations we most certainly get the feeling that this library loves the kids!

Lori N, Grahamsville reports, "They are all about the kids with a huge amount of activities for our community!"

"They do so much with the community, from kids of all ages to adults!  My daughter hates leaving there.  Her favorites are LEGO night, Story Time, and when they came to her preschool so they could learn about the library system," says Amanda D, Neversink.

"All the programs. The cooking classes, the activities that kids of all ages can participate in,  The Annual Pumpkin Party they put on, the book club, the authors they have come in and so much more," says Melanie M, Grahamsville.

Overall, readers gave us the feeling that the Daniel Peirce Library has a warm-friendly feel so it wasn't surprising that the librarians and staff were raved about too!

Samantha A, Neversink writes, "I love how friendly the staff is, how clean the library is, and the selection of books and activities available for all my family members."

"I like the way the employees make everyone feel so welcome and are so friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to be helpful," shares Marlene S, Neversink.

Patrick C, Woodbourne agrees. "The people who work there are wonderful, they can't help you enough!"

Located in a small community in Sullivan County, the library is a pillar of the community which hosts many popular events and programs for all ages throughout the year.

"It’s a wonderful experience for our children. They offer so many different classes for all ages. We are a small community that doesn’t have many things available for children of all ages and adults. This library is the center of our community," says Debbie B, Grahamsville.

Matthew G, Neversink says, "I love all of the programs that are available to local families, and the selection of books."

Jennifer S, Grahmsville agrees that her favorite part of the library is "all the activities offered for my child and community." Susan S, Claryville says she loves the library "for all the wonderful programs" and Jessica D, Grahamsville also told us "the wonderful programs and the staff" are why she loves the library.

David S, Grahamsville comments on all he loves about the library. He lists: "The variety of programs that are offered for all age groups. The community involvement and the availability of the building to be used by various organizations that serve the community. The staff that work to meet the needs of the patrons and the hours of operation. The Time and the Valley Museum is also incorporated into the building".  

Best of all, we think Cathy R, Napanoch speaks for everyone when she says, "The moment you walk in the door you are treated like family! It’s a warm and welcoming place with programs for every age."