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Forestburgh Playhouse is the oldest professional summer theatre in New York. The playhouse operates from June through Labor Day and offers Broadway musicals and plays on the mainstage, and cabarets in the Forestburgh Tavern, offering meals and beverages for patrons.

Forestburgh Playhouse Welcomes visitors
Each summer, the Playhouse presents a production for families and young audiences all season long!

"Dubbed the "Miracle of the Forest," close to 35,000 patrons attend various performances every year, and the growth shows no signs of slowing down. As The Forestburgh Playhouse approaches its 73rd season in 2019, it continues to thrive and make summer nights special for residents and visitors alike." -Forestburgh Playhouse

Forestburgh Playhouse Shows

Perfect for children this year, the Playhouse will show The Wizard of Oz every Thursday and Saturday at 11am starting June 20th! 

The most beloved tale of all time comes to life on the stage as only FBPH can do! Dorothy and her three friends trot delightfully and tunefully down that fabled road of yellow brick in The Wizard of Oz.

After a tornado whisks her away to the magical land of Oz, young Dorothy Gale teams up with a Scarecrow, a Tin Woodsman and a Cowardly Lion to find the mighty Wizard of Oz, who can send her home. Along the way, they must avoid the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the West, who is trying to steal the mysterious magic slippers that once belonged to her evil sister... but are now on Dorothy's feet. Dorothy eventually learns just how magical friendship can be and how wonderful it can feel to go home again.

The fun doesn't stop as the summer comes to a close though. The Tavern presents a Fall Series with bands, comedy and Rocky Horror live during October!

Tips to make a day at the theatre fun for the whole family:

1. Prepare your child for the trip by talking about the story-line, the characters and even your expectations of them at the show. Before seeing The Wizard of Oz this summer, check out the movie so the kids are prepared and save their questions for the end.

2. Have little ones use the potty before the show starts and if there is an intermission, make a pit stop to the bathroom then too.

3. Try to get an aisle seat if possible. It's easier to get in and out if your child has a meltdown or gets restless.

4. Do not take kids to a show during nap or bed time. Make sure they are well rested and aren't hungry.

Forestburgh Playhouse
39 Forestburgh Rd., Forestburgh

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