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Ready to bring solar power into your home? If federal and state tax credits aren’t incentive enough to invest in solar, you may be curious to know how you can “sell back” solar energy to Central Hudson.

Actually, selling back is technically not correct, explains solar energy project developer Randolph Horner. “You swap at par value.” The practice, called net metering, means that whenever your system is making more energy than it’s using, you’re back-feeding the power grid, earning credits as your meter literally runs backward. In the Hudson Valley, energy use in the winter tends to increase, while solar energy production decreases; the opposite is true in the summer. So extra credits are gained in the late spring, summer, and early fall, and then cashed in over the winter. “Homeowners can take a bite out of energy measures until they’re a zero energy home [using no more than they’re producing]. It’s easier when you’re building a new home and planning this from the beginning, but it can also be done with a retrofit,” assures Horner. But it’s important to be realistic: “A $20,000 investment won’t necessarily obliterate your energy costs.”

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