Snowed in and Having Fun at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch

Snowed in and Having Fun at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch-bad weather activities at the Ranch

whoooo horsey at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch

There was plenty at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch despite being trapped most of the time in a snowstorm that encompassed not only snow but freezing rain.

calf nose

We did get to go to the petty zoo as the storm was just starting. Abby made lots of new animal friends. She loved the goats and the baby calf kept kissing her as the mama cow moo'd loudly. goats

You could still horseback ride. They go out in most weather. The only difference was it was walk only meaning mixed abilities. Once on trail, the scenery in snow was picturesque. Where was Abby? Since like cameras and cellphones are frowned upon on horseback, so is a child strapped to you. So, I left my child in the daycare and for a child that hates being away from me, she was absolutely fine. Ah, mom time. mom on horseback

Abby had a pony ride and even got to learn how to lead her horse. It was a once in a lifetime memory.

For any horseback or pony ride, sign-up the night before in the lobby to reserve your spot. Just show your ticket and you are good to go. You can purchase additional rides beyond your one a day or a private ride.

leading Nugget the Horse

Indoors, there is an activity sheet you can follow for stuff throughout the day. Some activities you win gift store bucks. That is awesome. Movies also play at various times during day.

We took full advantage of arts and crafts both days. We took home our picture frame turned abstract piece of artwork and a snowflake key chain.

arts and crafts

You can swim in the indoor pool and if your child is old enough or you feel like a kid again, you can even venture down the slide.

There is cornhole and a western themed ring toss. They have a horse you put a quarter in and go for a ride. My daughter rode the mechanical horse several times. There are also some wooden horses that make for great photo ops. I think they need a mechanical bull. Just saying.

riding the wooden horseriding the mechanical horse

The arcade is always a hit with children of all ages. They had a lot of different types of games you try your hand at and win receipts for prizes. Be prepared to bring lots of quarters. They have a change machine and they can swap your larger bills at front desk.

the arcade at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch

I overheard someone at front desk also mention there are board games if you just want to take a break and relax by the fire in main area.

There is nightlife. They have dancing downstairs where we got our serious boogy on. It's Abby, She dances everywhere. Then after that at 9, they had a magician. We were already back at room!

Shirley Temple Drink

There is a saloon as well, if you're under age, you can’t sit at bar. However, you can sit at the tables. Abby had her first Shirley Temple. I had a delicious Sunset Trail. Two words, Adult Lemonade. But, if you want to know more, you have to head  to the ranch. Not divulging ingredients.

Sunset Trail Drink

We didn't even get to half the things we wanted to try. But, with the snow and freezing rain, a lot we couldn't do with a three year old. We hope to return soon and tell all our readers about all the other things to do at the ranch.


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tiny pool sharkcornhole at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch

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