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No Gym Required/Hip Workout: Side Planks

Work Your Hips at Home

side planks for hips
We're all busy parents trying to cram in as much as possible into our day: work, housework, kids' activities, cooking and much more. When we don't have time for an exercise class or the gym, it's good to know we can get a great workout at home--all you need is the floor.
You'll want a mat or carpet beneath you when doing side planks. Rest on your elbow, and bend your knees. On an exhale, lift your hips, and on an inhale, lower ALMOST completely to the floor. Do at least ten on each side. Side planks have many benefits:
  • tone hips
  • strengthen abs and obliques
  • work the supporting arm and shoulder
  • develop endurance
Side planks could easily become your go-to move for hips and abs. They are simple to perform and quick!

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