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Hear "let's share" instead of "that's mine!"

How to teach your child to share

How to teach your child to share

Sharing is an important skill youngsters need to master. And parents sometimes worry that their children won't learn how. Here are some tips to encourage sharing:

1. When friends come to play, help your child put away the special toy she doesn't want to share.

2. Help your child select "share toys" that won't break or get used up.

3. Buy or collect toys that are good for sharing, such as construction sets and outdoor play equipment.

4. Model sharing. Show your child how to share by your example. You might say, "This apple is good. Would you like some of mine?" Or ask your child to share and then say, "Thank you for being such a good sharer."

5. Play games that require taking turns.

6. Don't expect perfection. Learning to share takes time and practice.

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