Celebrate self-improvement month

5 ways to improve your life in September

self-care for women in September

It's September and you know what that means... It's officially self-improvement month! This month here at HVParent, we are taking time to reflect on our current situations and come up with a plan to improve ourselves. See below for 5 steps to improving your life this September: 

1. Make at least one new mommy friend
As a parent it can be extremely easy to isolate yourself from others.  It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of raising healthy, happy Hudson Valley tots, but don’t lose sight of having some fun of your own. What, are you worried about that baby barf stain? You know who else has an entire ensemble of puke-stained pedal pushers? LITERALLY EVERY MOM ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! That’s why they make such great friends… no judgment! Go on… challenge yourself to make at least one new mommy friend in September. Set up play dates together or even go on a coffee run sans kids together and bond over all the great things that come along with being a parent! Click here for simple steps to meeting new mommy friends.

2. Carve out at least 30 minutes of private time each day
Helping with homework, preparing home-cooked meals, yearly check-ups, ending sibling spats… the list of parental duties is endless. Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs anyone could ever have, but it’s important to take a step back each day (for at least 30 minutes) and just take care of you. Private time could be anything from a 30 minute grocery run sans kids, a 30 minute bubble bath without the kids banging on the door begging to come in or even a 30 minute solo meditation in your backyard. Click here to see why all parents need some private time.   

3. Embrace your body, even if you’re not at your ideal weight
STOP… just stop. I see what you’re doing. I see you trying to avoid the mirror as you get ready for work. Well stop it. It’s high time we ladies stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to get our “pre-baby” body back as fast as the celebrities do it. Last time I checked, you’re not Kim Kardashian (thank goodness). Stop comparing yourself to celebrity moms that have the luxury of working out with a personal trainer 6 days a week for 6 plus hours at a time. Not to mention those private chefs they have to prepare their healthy “leaf de lettuce” dinners. Click here for tips on loving your body at any stage.

4. Ditch the sugar
Did you know: Consuming more than nine teaspoons of sugar a day for men and six teaspoons for women can lead to health problems, such as tooth decay, obesity and depression! Reducing your sugar intake can help more than your waistline; it can improve your overall health. Click here for quick and easy sugar swaps!

5. Reconnect with nature and your kids
There’s very little that’s more serene than the Hudson River. Each weekend this September, why not make time to explore the Hudson River with your kids. You’ll get closer to nature and each other along the way. Click here to learn about fun and educational ways to explore the Hudson!

Brittany L. Morgan is the web editor and executive assistant to the Publisher at Hudson Valley Parent. She lives in Fishkill and enjoys exploring the Hudson Valley and beyond with her fiance, Bill.