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How do you plan your school lunch menus?

Deborah McLean provides the answer

I am fortunate to work in a school that values a nutritional and balanced lunch program. Every day children are offered a hot entrée or a vegetarian alternative. This week alone there was Cajun chicken, beef stew, hot roasted beet salad and felafel. The meal comes with a green salad, which often consists of red leaf lettuce, carrots and bell peppers. It also comes with a fresh fruit cup, which includes a variety of melons and grapes. Children can also select a cold meal such as a turkey sandwich, grilled vegetable wrap or a chicken Caesar salad. We provide a daily snack to all lower school children as well, often a piece of fresh fruit or a cup of pretzels, which helps sustain our students through the morning.  As part of addressing the whole child teachers also talk about making food nutritious and healthy food choices.

Deborah McLean 
Head of Lower School 
Poughkeepsie Day School 
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603