Join HVP's Fall Scavenger Hunt and win a prize!

I hope you have downloaded the first in a series of books for kids that share outdoor nature adventures. 

Fall is  a great time for kids to learn about the changes in nature as summer rolls over into fall and cooler weather. Our story about Willow and her brother Robin, teaches your child about seeds, how they are formed, what they look like and how they eventually become spring flowers. 

If you have downloaded the book Stomping Through the Weeds, you may have noticed  the fun fall scavenger hunt. Read the story and follow the directions in the book. Look for seed pods, seed clusters, and fruits attached to the plants. Take a picture or make a drawing of four plants with their seeds. Put your pictures on the blank pages 24 and 25. Underneath each picture write the name of the plant's seed-spreading style.

Take your child's photo holding the page of pictures they drew with the four types of seed pods and upload it in this form. 

There are four age categories: Under 5, 6-9, 10-13, and 14 and up. You may submit entries from more than one child. Please use a separate form each child entering. One entry per child.

Your child could be the winner of 3 great books.

Submit your child's photos here.

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