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Adventuresome Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Discover local book series for kids about nature

Willow and Robin enjoy nature

Welcome to the world of a brother and sister who enjoy exploring nature.

The natural world is a giant, open-ended learning laboratory that kids love to explore. Most kids love to stomp in puddles, play in sand and collect anything that fits in their pockets. (As moms can attest to as they put their kid's jackets and pants in the washer.)

Nature provides countless options for discovery, creativity and problem-solving. And we at Hudson Valley Parent have begun creating unique opportunities where your kids can explore nature in all its glory. 

Download the first in a series that features 12-year old Willow and her 6-year-old brother Robin. The book is called Stomping Through the Weeds. The story is set in the fall, and these kids explore their backyard as summer's blooming flowers are replaced with the fall seeds blowing in the wind. 

By the way, when your kids complete the scavenger hunt featured in the book, you can enter them to win some great adventure books we have available. 

More Willow and Robin adventures to come. Sign up for Hudson Valley Parent's newsletter and we will let you know about the next installment in this nature series.