Clean up time in the Hudson Valley

and checking these safety features around the home!!

Depending upon your personality, the phrase “spring cleaning” may fill you with excitement or annoyance. Lauren Cassel Brownell has written a wonderful book, Zen and the Art of Housekeeping, in which she confronts the whole idea of “housecleaning” with a calmness worthy of Buddha.

“It should be,” she says, “a celebration of renewal.” So get cracking.

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Here are 10 spring tips that might not be on your checklist... so put on your favorite cleaning outfit, think your best mantra, and check out these areas of your home that need some attention:

1.  Change your fire alarm batteries
2.  Make sure smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors are working properly (Don’t wait until Fall.)
3.  Check the pressure on fire extinguishers (Get one for the kitchen if you don’t have one now.)

Make Spring cleaning GREEN cleaning!

4.  Vacuum refrigerator coils
5.  Clean windows inside and out
6.  Get your air conditioner serviced (Don’t wait until it’s 90 degrees)
7.  Clean and check outdoor furniture
8.   Rotate your kids’ clothing: cold weather items into storage, warm weather wash, if necessary.

Cleaning myths debunked!

9.   Inspect your home’s property for areas that need repair, i.e. roof, plumbing updates, lawn or landscaping issues. Make an appointment before summer kicks in.
10.  Drain and clean the pan underneath your water heater— sediment settles there.

MJ Goff is editor of HVParent magazine.