s-NO-w Day

The world won't come to a halt if you spend the snow day with your kids

Spend the next snow day chilling with your kids

Well, I can't see out my window. Almost 60 floors above NYC, it just looks white. Best I can tell, the snow is falling sideways, and the city is, once again, shut down.

My first thought when I heard about the storm was one of panic - "Oh, man, I've got so much stuff to do, now I'm gonna have my daughter with me all day, I won't be able to get anything done." But then I got the "we're closing" letter from her school Principal, and my thinking changed.

Instead of telling us the kids would be remote today, Phil (the Principal) told us that it was a real snow day. No school. He advised us to take the time off with our kids and go play in the snow, or do something creative. Learn something, watch a movie together, anything but work, if we could.

As light dawned on a shut-down Manhattan this morning, I realized that my work could wait. I realized that it's OK to take time for yourself. It's OK to extend the deadlines. It's OK to cancel some meetings and watch a movie while drinking a cup of hot chocolate. It's OK to say no.

Say no today. Stay safe and warm, and as always, I ask how can I help you? If there's something going on with you, and you need a hand, reach out. Email me and tell me how I can help. That's my goal.

Much love and the occasional snowball,


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