Roosevelt Farm Lane Trail-cold weather hike #1

Cold weather hiking for one and all

standing in the woods on a log
Just because the weather is cold, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a nice outdoor walk with you children! One such spot that is local is the Farm Lane Trail in Hyde Park NY. You can catch it either on RT 9G across from Eleanor Roosevelt Historic Site or on Rt 9 across from Franklin D. Roosevelt's Site. If you are one of those people that walk with a coffee in your hand, start on RT 9 as there is a Dunkin right there. We usually start on 9G. If you aren't us and stay on the 1.8 mile connector trail, it has some ups and downs, but an off road stroller, bikes or walking feet do just fine. Just remember, it is not a loop trail and if you go the whole connector, you will have to turn around and therefore, double that 1.8.
the map

On this occasion as always, we didn't stay on the main connector trail. We got out of the car and I ran in circles as I tried to get my fanny pack situated (yes, I still think it is 1985), get my carrier ready in case she needs a lift, dog in harness and leash, and all my other gear situated. Then I had to chase the three year old and the dog. Then the three year old wants to walk the dog but lands on the ground instead. She spends about ten minutes walking angry and screaming like a screech owl before having a total mode flip.

flooded trail

We then find the first trail off to the right and it is flooded everywhere. Dog and child decide to walk through the flooded section. My child's reasoning, "I'm wearing boots."

We began to walk and my child insists that we go one certain direction and it dead ends to a swamp. So after some bickering back and forth, she finds the trail and we keep going. Of course, I let her navigate again and well, our mile hike quickly added up. You must be careful when the leaves fall off the trees to really pay attention to trail markers as you can get turned around super easy and end up on a much longer hike than planned. 

She eventually grew tired, so I was able to put her on my back and pick up the Hikingpace as the sun was setting. My poor, plump, smelling like swamp, dog was starting to drag and I wished I could have carried her too. But, thanks to GPS and maps, we made it back to the main trail. I got a tad turned around again and my daughter corrected me once again. After that, there was no stopping until we made it back to the car. Well, I actually did stop once to take pictures of the trees because they looked awesome.trees

We made it back to the car and got my dog in the car, child from carrier and everything packed up. Then I hear the voice "mummy, muddy puddles." So thanks to Peppa Pig, she wanted to go jumping in muddy puddles. After getting thoroughly soaked, I changed her clothes and off we went. Always carry a change of clothes. On second thought, bring two changes of clothes and don't forget extra shoes!

muddy puddles
So this is a great hike for all people in the cold weather. Stay on the connector trail if you want and easy, straightforward hike. Take a trail off to the side if you want to go get turned around for awhile. I highly recommend this trail for one and all! Oh and bonus, no bugs in the cold weather!

map of hike muddy puddles

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