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Rock Rift Crevices

A Gem in Mohonk Preserve

A Gem in Mohonk Preserve

We used the Alltrails Pro App under Rock Rift Crevices Via Cedar Drive and Bonticou Road. This a great hike. However, not recommended for everyone as there is a decent rock scramble. It’s also a loop trail.

The Terrain-

When we arrived at Mohonk Preserve, we decided to cross off the million-dollar view. It’s a super nice view. Perhaps call it the $15 view because that’s what I paid to get into the park (that’s per person). Then we started on the trail on the right.


Most of it is wide carriage roads and became a little redundant. However, it’s a great time to work on homeschooling. Also good if you want to jog some of the trails.

Pay close attention as the trail will split a couple of times. However, toward the middle of the 4.8 miles, you will stumble upon the Rock Rift Crevices. It’s nice because it is known to be not as crowded as the main scramble by the Mountain House.

The scramble is a lot of fun. However, not recommended for little walkers or carrying a child on your back. Abby Girl scrambles a lot bigger and still needed a shove here and there. The ladder missing a rung is really cool. Watch your footing. Some of the blazes are worn or you have to look around as it is like a giant maze. We both had to play pass the pack in a couple of spots and my headlamp did come in handy. Keep in mind, that we went in warm weather. As it gets snowy and icy, we hope to return as it will present new challenges. Don’t forget your winter gear and spikes.

After we finished exploring the maze of scrambles, it was easier walking with some uphill back to the car. Side note, keep a close eye on the split-off toward the end. We ended up sliding on our butts down to another trail and cutting back to the trail we started on. Somehow we missed our turn.

Final thoughts-

Overall, it’s a great hike. We prefer more handed to us throughout the hike. But, in the end, it was worth it for the cool maze scramble.

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