Dining Out: River Terrace in Beacon

If you’ve never been to Beacon or haven’t visited in quite some time, I recommend starting your visit on Beacon’s mile-long Main Street, which runs from Route 9D, not far from the Hudson River, toward Mount Beacon, whose gentle dome can be seen in the distance.

The two ends of Main Street clearly pulse with the most creative energy, flanking a still-gritty, rather dull stretch that gives a sense of Beacon, pre-Dia. Over the years, Beacon has solidified its reputation as a destination for art and antiques dotted with a few cafes and shops, making Beacon an attractive place to contemplate the creative process and while away the afternoon. If you are inclined to linger, Main Street is the place to shop, enjoy antiques of all kinds, and chat with friendly shop owners who fill their days catching up on all the local gossip.

Beacon was the place where I decided to go since my husband and I bought our first house in Kingston and would be leaving our little town set in the hills of the Hudson Valley that we came to call our home. After a nice leisurely stroll down Main Street and occasionally ducking in and out of some newly renovated cafes and shops, I managed to work up an appetite and had a craving for seafood so I decided to stop in at the River Terrace.

It is a short drive, or a half-mile walk, to the River Terrace from Beacon’s Main Street and it is located just across the street from Dia: Beacon, the main attraction of the town and the premiere viewing space for modern and contemporary art. There are several good dining options located on Main Street itself but my favorite was dining at the River Terrace where you can enjoy a good meal while watching the sun set over the Hudson River from their outdoor patio.

The restaurant can accommodate small to very large groups and they can even cater your party for you. The dining room is spacious, the bar is moderate and the bartender will gladly whip up anything special you desire. No matter what your taste buds are hankering for you’ll find something to satisfy that craving at the River Terrace. To start, I ordered a plate full of steamer clams which arrived piping hot and smothered in a classic creamy garlic and butter cilantro broth. It was quickly devoured and I used the warm Italian bread that our waiter dropped off prior to my clams’ arrival to dip in the sauce that I couldn’t let go to waste.

For our dinner selection, my husband is not a seafood lover by any means so he opted for the 16oz Rib eye grilled to his liking with grilled onions on top. It was a bit over done but the flavor profile was wonderful, it came with a side salad and the potato of the day. I on the other hand in keeping with my seafood theme for the evening, went with what I like to call “the whole ocean on my plate”.

I ordered their Zuppa Di Pesce which arrived at our table piled high with clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, and calamari over a bed of perfectly cooked linguine in a lobster, cherry tomato, and garlic sauce. I couldn’t wait to dig in and savor every bite.

It was absolutely scrumptious and they provide you with a generous portion at a somewhat reasonable price. Taking home a white box from this place was a must considering that half way through the meal I felt full to capacity. All in all I’d say this was a meal to remember Beacon by and even though I’m moving to Kingston, I will definitely be back to enjoy some wonderful food, refreshing drinks and a great view of the Hudson River at the River Terrace.

River Terrace

2 Beekman Street

Beacon NY




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