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Reward Good Behavior

Catch your child being good!

There is a great deal of information available about how to handle children when they are misbehaving. But parents don't hear often enough about the value of praising children when they are behaving.

One educator has said, "What's rewarded gets repeated."

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This means that if you want to see better behavior from your child, watch what she's doing and comment on her positive behavior.

When she carries her plate to the sink, tell her "Good job, Sara!" When he is sharing his toys with a playmate, say "Jason, I like the way you share your toys with Bryan." When she goes to bed quietly and with no fuss, tell her "I noticed how helpful you were about going to bed this evening. That's a good thing to do."

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Sometimes children are embarrassed by too many compliments, but most enjoy a pat on the back for their accomplishments. Listen to what you're saying to your children. If your comments are more negative than positive, it's time to make an effort to change.

It only takes a minute, and it can make a difference in your child's behavior.

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