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5 tips to prepare your child for return to school

Help them stay on track

5 tips to prepare your child for return to school

It’s that time of year again— when we kick off another school year! While new school supplies and fresh outfits can definitely help your child get into the school spirit, so can a fresh perspective. Now is the time to evaluate your child’s routine from the previous school year and summer, explore new ways to overcome challenges, and come up with a plan that will help them stay on track!

Here are several tips from Dr. Rebecca Jackson, Brain Wellness Expert and author of ‘Back on Track’ to ensure your child heads off to school with the best possible foundation:

  • Ensure good rest and fuel to provide optimal support for the first week of school - a time full of stress and nerves that can be exhausting! A tired or stressed brain is a negative brain. Not only are kids needing to adjust back to school routines, but they will also experience a lot of new things, and new experiences are exhausting for the brain! A good bedtime/wake-up routine ensures plenty of sleep.

Healthy snacks can make a big difference! Check their schedule for snack and lunch times, focus on providing protein and healthy fats, and minimize sugars and food dyes that can spike and crash energy and disrupt attention.  

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  • Create a healthy morning routine to minimize stress and prepare for optimal attention and focus. Prep everything the night before - lunches, backpacks, and outfits, allow your child time to wake up, avoid access to phones or tablets to minimize distractions, eat a healthy breakfast, and get your child moving! Even just 1-3 minutes of engaging large muscles and spiking the heart rate can help to wake the brain up to activate memory and attention.
  • Help your kids know what to expect with the new year. New teachers, classrooms, schedules, and routines can create enormous stress. The more you can prep your kids for what they will be experiencing that may be new or different the more calm and prepared they will feel. Think about what new and different challenges and experiences this new school year will present each day. The more information you can find out and share with your student - at every age, the more prepared they will feel for the new year!

o    Elementary school: Can your child picture what their day will look like?  Do they know where they will put their backpack and lunchbox? The classroom, teacher, where they are seated, where the closest restroom is?  Do they have a plan for what they need to bring with them to specials such as gym or art if they change classrooms?  

o    Middle school: Does your child now have a locker and needs to learn how to use a lock? Do they have to change classes and is worried about having enough time and remembering where to go?  

o    High school: Access to school portals can provide both answers and questions - if you’re not sure how frequently a teacher updates their grades it can look like your child is missing tests or assignments. 

  • To hear all about your child’s day, wait until after they’ve had a snack! Don’t ask right away, unless they want to share!
Dr. Rebecca Jackson’s newest book, Back on Track is currently available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and publishes on Tuesday, September 5. For more information, please visit hereThis book is considered the GAME-CHANGER for so many kids who are struggling!

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