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Relax with this Hip Stretch

Lie Down and Stretch Your Hips

If I were to ask you where your body feels tight, you would probably point to your back or the backs of your legs. And although most of us are tight in these areas, it's in the hips where most inflexibility resides, but we don't often realize it until we take a yoga or stretching class where they specifically target hips.

The hip is the largest joint in the body. When we are tight in the hips, we often feel it all the way down to the knees and the feet. The back also suffers from stiff hips. Reclining Pigeon is an excellent way to open and loosen the hips. By lying down, you prevent overstretching your back and bring the focus into the hip area where you want it. 

If you have trouble holding onto your thigh in this pose, using a scarf, belt or tie will make the stretch easier. Be sure your head is fully supported. Keep your neck long and chin slightly tucked.  If you find your head coming off the floor, use a pillow or ease up on your grip until your head is comfortably resting on the floor. Try this stretch in the evening. It will relieve tension and prepare you and your body for a restful night's sleep.

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