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Recycled bubble blowers add fun to your summer

A different way to play with bubbles

diy recycled bubble blowers

Nothing keeps kids more entertained on a summer day than blowing bubbles. Kids of all ages simply cannot resist this buoyant delight! You can play with them anywhere- on the road, at the beach, in your back yard and even at the grocery store. Oh yes, even though my kids are older I still keep a small bottle of bubbles in my purse. I use them to bribe my kids with through the store, and I’ve pulled them out to entertain someone else’s little one who just needed a distraction. Kids love bubbles. 

That’s why I know they will love making these bubble snakes! This is by far the easiest craft I have made in a long time and it is pretty much free. All you need is a plastic water bottle, a sock, scissors, a rubber band and a little dish washing liquid. I’m sure you can find all of those things around your house right now!

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Use the scissors to cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle. You can pinch the bottle to create a small crimp to get the cut started. Then insert the scissor edge into the slit and cut in a straight line around the bottle. Leave the mouth piece of the bottle intact to blow through.

Next slip the sock over the bottle and secure with a rubber band.

In a small dish, add a few drops of dish washing liquid to 4 tablespoons of water.

Take your new bubble blower and dish of soap outside.

Dip the end of the blower into the water and soap mixture. Be sure to remind kids to blow through the bubble blower and not inhale. If you are worried your child might inhale and pull the bubbles toward their mouth, have them hold the blower in front of their mouth instead of putting their mouth on it.

See how long your child can make their bubble snake! You can add drops of food coloring to the sock (a tad messier but extra fun) before dipping in the soapy water for a unicorn effect.

That’s it! Fun made in the shade…. Or the sun, or the living room, or even the bathtub! Imagine the fun this simple craft can create at backyard BBQs or even park meet ups.


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