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Raising Wonder Women

How Wonder Woman is helping me raise my teenage daughters!

Wonder Woman Courtesy of Warner Brothers and DC Comics

Raising strong, independent and intelligent wonder women is a challenge under the best circumstances. It’s a challenge because today’s world still doesn’t fully embrace such attributes. Now, throw in a separation and a divorce on the horizon and that challenge becomes even greater. How can a soon to be single father of two teenage girls help convey a message that their value is as priceless as any male? The short answer… Wonder Woman.


There’s no debating that Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot, is one of the biggest films of 2017. As a proud comic book nerd, I was thrilled that this iconic character was depicted so beautifully on the big screen. Like any dad, we always like to share our passions with our children. I’ve taken my two daughters to comic conventions and have dressed up like superheroes for Halloween. Needless to say, we’ve also have gone to our fair share of superhero related films. Those were good times. Well, maybe more for me. Now that my daughters have grown into teenage young ladies they are discovering their own interests, which sadly for me does not include superheroes. But when Wonder Woman did hit theaters I very much wanted them to see it. Whether I took them or their mother wasn’t important. What was important was the message the character carried and has carried for over 75 years

I’ve always been a believer that the best role models for our children should be the ones who raise them and teach them about right and wrong. Fortunately my girls have two loving and supportive parents. Unfortunately though that’s not always the case. With that said if my teenagers are like most, they view their parents as lame and most messages appear to fall on deaf ears. Word to the wise, they do hear us they just pretend not to. This is why external role models can be so important and in a world driven my social media and what it means to be a woman, it becomes that much more important.

Growing up finding inspirational role models beyond my own parents was easy. I found them every Wednesday on new comic book day. For girls it was harder. Finding female superheroes for my girls to embrace is essential to me. Thankfully director Patty Jenkins brilliantly showcased Wonder Woman’s greatest strength, that she is not only an incredible beacon for women’s rights but for human rights.  She shows that true beauty and strength comes from within, and that a woman can be strong and vulnerable, compassionate and determined without sacrificing one for the other. That’s the image I wish for all young girls to embrace.


For the record, my daughters did see the film and they are more determined than ever to follow their hopes and dreams. They will be the authors of their life story as it should be. As a dad, I couldn’t be more proud. Thank you Wonder Woman for the assist.


James the SuperDad

Follow the adventures of James the SuperDad who uses his knowledge of the Force and all things pop culture to help raise his teenage, fangirl daughters to Live Long and Prosper. When not being a SuperDad, his other superhero persona is as The Dork Knight, an entertainment site catering to movies, television and comic convention reviews. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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