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Quick Healthy Meals Part Two

Quinoa Fun

Okay, so last time I gave you a quick salad recipe to last you all week. Today it is QUINOA!!! How many of you have tried this? It is actually a seed and not a grain, although, when cooked in similar to a fine rice in my opinion! It is also packed with protein so it is perfect for those Meatless Mondays!!

So the first thing you want to do is cook up some quinoa according to the package directions! Here I used tricolor quinoa and I make 4 cups (dry quinoa) to 6 cups of water. This will feed the 6 of us for the week! I always rinse my quinoa before cooking. 

This will be your base for numerous dishes!! I prep most of  my veggies for the week too and will dice then for quick use! Here I have diced peppers, cucumbers and onions! 

As a side note, I also prep carrot sticks and celery for my kids to snack on during the week! 

Okay! Back to quinoa!! Here are some of our favorite ways to prep! 

First up is a quinoa salad with Avocado! Toss in some of your diced veggies and place on top of some lettuce (I used a super greens blend), then top with salad dressing. Serve cold! (You can also just have the quinoa salad plain)!

Next up is Quinoa Parm! Simply top with your favorite sauce and some mozzarella cheese, throw in the over to heat up and enjoy with a side salad!

Sauteed Veggies and Quinoa! Stirfry some of your favorite veggies and then toss in the Quinoa to heat! Here I served with some chicken!

The options are endless!! Here I added the quinoa salad on top of my super greens and topped with bacon!

 Some times we add diced green olives, black beans, corn and salsa! Be creative and have fun!! Share with me your favorite combos!!

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