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close ... open ... look relaxed

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You love all of your child's beautiful expressions and personality. Perhaps you have countless photos of your little one "cheeeeeeeeesing!" for the camera. But maybe you don't have as many photos of calmer, natural expressions. 

Here's a little trick I use with my both my little and grown-up clients. 

One of the easiest ways to capture serene and peaceful looks is to have your child close their eyes for your camera. Grab a shot ...

It's awfully cute with the eyes closed!

Tell them on the count of three to open their eyes and look at your camera ...

And you'll get a calm, beautiful little expression. 

Try it a few times and I promise you'll capture some really special photos!


Kate Callahan is an on-location photographer who LOVES to capture authentic memories for families. She’s available for weddings, senior photos, child photo sessions, and family photography.  Kate works with clients throughout the Hudson Valley, NYC,  Delaware (and the tri-state area), and beyond. Visit her photography blog.

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