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Keep your baby germ-free this winter

Tips for keeping your little ones protected

Keep your baby free from worms this winter

Infants are extremely susceptible to germs and are the most likely to fall ill. Parents wanting to do their best to protect their kids from germs should teach children to wash their hands multiple times a day, especially after handling toys and before handling food. Mom and Sleepingbaby.com co-founder Stephanie Parker shares her tips for keeping your little ones protected from germs.  

Carry wipes
Germs are lurking all around us and it helps to be prepared by carrying anti-bacterial wipes with us when we’re out and about. Use them to wipe down benches, shopping carts and door handles so that everything can be sanitized before it gets touched. Then you don’t have to worry about passing on the germs from your hands to your baby.

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Wash your hands
Washing your hands is the number one thing that parents can do to protect themselves and their babies from germs.

Sterilize baby gear
One way to keep the items in your home clean and safe for baby to use is to sterilize them with boiling water or using a sterilizing solution. Do this for baby toys, teethers, pacifiers, milk bottles, etc., even when they’re brand new. If you have old baby gear from your older children that has been passed down to baby, always sterilize them first before giving them to baby.

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Be careful with pets
It’s recommended to keep pets away from baby during the first few months. Don’t let your pets lick baby’s face or hands as pets’ mouths are full of germs. Always vaccinate your pets and keep baby away from the cat’s litterbox. Once baby is old enough to pet your animal, wash her hands right away.