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Great health starts with your primary care physician

Primary care physicians are your partner in healthy living. At Health Quest Medical Practice, we go the extra mile to truly understand patients. We believe your primary care physician should know every thing about you, from that odd shaped freckle on the back of your neck to the raging hormones you're constantly trying to stifle.

According to Dr. Park, "After seeing pediatricians, young people should start going to a primary care physician to establish a relationship with the doctor who will be the coordinator of their health care for years to come. Teens should also see their primary care physician for college physicals, vaccinations and to routinely update their medical records."

“Whether you’re suffering from a minor
illnesses or a major injury, your primary
care physician should be the first person
you call.”

Hang Kyu Park, MD
Health Quest Medical Practice

Preventative Care

Another responsibility of primary care physicians is to provide preventative care. "Primary care physicians offer patient education in preventative care," says Dr. Park. The first test he typically orders for a new patient is a cancer screening. For females this means a regular visit to the gynecologist for breast and cervical cancer testing; For male patients, it means regular colon and prostate cancer screenings.

Meet Dr. Park

Dr. Park likes to think of himself as a partner in each of his patient's health and longevity. "Last year a man came to my office with no symptoms, but after a routine check-up, I encouraged the patient to go for colon cancer screening." Dr. Park urged his patient to get tested because he never had a cancer screening. "Luckily, his rectal cancer was caught and treated early on," said Dr. Park. "I'm proud to say my patient made a full recovery."

This was not the first time Dr. Park detected cancer. Since in practice, he has detected breast cancer in two of his female patients. Both patients had never had a mammogram before. The two patients were treated and made full recoveries. Dr. Park believes preventative screenings lead to a healthier life.

Treating chronic illnesses and epidemics

"Treatment for chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol is a lifelong process that requires follow up treatment," says Dr. Park. Primary care physicians work with patients to carefully monitor these conditions.

For instance, there is no denying the fact that obesity is an epidemic in our country. Primary care physicians can help patients get their weight under control. Dr. Park recommends the ADA approved plant-based diet to his patients looking to lose weight. "We teach our patients to fill their plate with more colorful vegetables and fruits," says Dr. Park.

In addition to weight loss, this diet reduces the effects of diabetes and cholesterol. Dr. Park also educates his patients about weight loss. "We don't just tell you to lose weight, we go over the program step-by-step and ensure each patient has a comprehensive understanding of the program and its benefits," says Dr. Park.

At each subsequent appointment, he readdresses the issue. If the patient is successfully losing weight, the patient is congratulated. If they are unsuccessful Dr. Park will work with the patient to modify the diet.

It's easy to see why primary care physicians are essential to living a healthy life. If you do not have a primary care physician, start looking now while you're healthy and have time to search out a doctor you feel comfortable with. Don't waste another day, own your health now!


Dr. Park is a board certified internist and sees patients in HQMP's office in LaGrangeville

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