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Planning Your Easter Fools Day Pranks

Fun Pranks the Family Can Enjoy

April fool’s day is almost here! It’s not your typical, business as usual fool’s day, it’s also Easter Sunday! It’s like a holiday face swap and there is so much potential for laughs! My kids LOVE a good prank. I am always the victim of random fake bugs in my shoe, or on my desk. They have mastered the art of a properly placed life like snake for me to discover. They clearly take advantage of striking my weak spots. This year, I am arming myself with some fun unexpected ways to get some laughs (without causing panic). We take our pranks and our laughter seriously in our house, so the pranking begins early.

Breakfast is the most important meal to begin your pranks. Nothing starts the day off right like a good laugh and little tom foolery. Food coloring is going to go a long way here. You can color the milk in your kid’s cereal bowl or get crazy and dye the entire gallon of milk. Act like you’re the only one that can’t see it. Sound too easy? Take it up a notch and hand them a bowl of cereal that’s been frozen (with the spoon already in it). Be sure you snap a pic of their face as they lift their solid breakfast out of the bowl. The expression will be priceless. If you are looking for a super easy swap out, select a similarly colored Jell-O as their morning juice. Make a cup of the jiggly stuff in their usual cup the night before (adding in a straw to make it look legit). Pull it out of the fridge in the morning and hand it over all nonchalant.

Lunch is the second most important meal for pranking. This might require some minimal planning effort and some tape. Go for maximum impact and start with the snack foods. You can easily refill a lunch sized potato chip bag with carrot slices and seal the bottom of the bag (use the tape). Unwrap chocolate mini eggs and rewrap grapes in the same foil.  If you have really little ones and want to keep it simple, glue some googly eyes to your kid’s juice box or water container. You can even add in some jokes for them to use at the lunch table.

Dinner is prime time for hilarity. This is where you can get super creative. Make dinner look like a dessert and even your picky eater will get on board with dinner plans (for at least the two minutes they think it’s really a dessert). Pinterest is filled with tutorials on how to make fake out grilled cheese using pound cake and a can of frosting. But my favorite is topping an innocent meat loaf with some deceptive mashed potatoes to look like “cake.” It is guaranteed to generate some excitement before a big letdown. So make sure your family will even eat meat loaf and mashed potatoes before you serve up your prank.  

Easter morning falls on April fool’s day, or in my house we call it, “game day.” This is where we pull out our most polished pranks.  My kids are still little so it has to be something funny and won’t require therapy later in life. My plan is to begin our morning by filling their doorway with balloons. From top to bottom we tape a pile of balloons to their doorway so when they open the door it causes an avalanche into their room. Nothing says fun like being covered in a big pile of balloons right? Next, I am taking down all the Easter decorations and replacing them with birthday décor (because that’s easier than hauling out bins of Christmas decorations….again), and a big Happy Birthday sign for someone named Phil. Total confusion right?

After breakfast we like to head outside for a fun egg hunt in the back yard. I can’t wait to see their faces as they step into shoes filled with black jelly beans. I am not a fan of black jelly bean so this will make good use of those icky little beans.  Lastly, I’m going in for the weak spot- those colorful little plastic eggs. Every year my kids look forward to a sweet treat inside each egg. This year I am filling some of the eggs with real hard boiled eggs, and some of them with crushed Oreos to look like dirt. Oh boy is this gonna be the best Easter Fool’s Day ever!


How are you planning to take advantage of this holiday mash up?  

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