Albany artist takes kid's toys and makes them GIANT size

Artist Peter Leue constructs giant erector set for all to enjoy in Beacon

Watching kids learn through play is an amazing thing. Peter Leue has embraced the significance of playing and interacting with the world with his new exhibition Deus Ex Machina being presented in the Marion Royael Gallery in Beacon.

Take the guesswork out of buying art!

His work of art has been a progressively evolving piece, as he makes giant sized constructor pieces to utilize the space he is provided.

With Deus Ex Machina, he has made his constructor set tactile, with cranks to turn and whistles to blow. He wants people to interact with his artwork before it is torn down and turned into something else, which is a major driving force in his work.

What he builds comes alive with the help of children and adults alike. All his works are meant to be interactive and inspire learning through unstructured play time.

If you want to see this impressive work of art for yourself, visit Marion Royael Gallery and look for the giant constructor crane!