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Party tricks

Party planning tips to ensure a successful party

    Debbie Ventriello operates Hot Shots Photo Favors. She works out of Brick, NJ, but often serves clients in the Hudson Valley. Ventriello has worked on a number of joint parties and knows how to plan for the big day.

  • Create memorable munchies and entertainment – You want your guests to leave the party having raving about the food and commenting on how much fun they had.

Give the perfect gift

  • Capture the moment – It isn’t until the party is over that you realize no one took the time to take pictures. It’s important to designate someone to be responsible for the camera, or consider hiring an outside photo service to capture the memories of the party.
  • Budget beforehand – The key to a successful party is to be smart, stick to a budget, and always remember that the gathering of friends and family to celebrate a special moment in their child’s life is the most important part of a celebration. Make a list of what you want and only purchase what you need. It’s easy to get caught up with small details like extra decorations that end up costing you more money. Stick to the necessities.