Local parenting support groups

You're not alone!

Every once in a while it's nice to remind ourselves that we are not facing the wide world of parenting alone. Tons of other parents are going through similar experiences (both positive and negative). Sometimes the best way to deal is to sit down with others in the same boat to talk about all the triumphs and tribulations of parenthood.

Here are 5 parenting groups we think are worth a visit this month:

1. Mama Lounge

Hudson Valley Midwifery Center, 14 Hurley Ave, Kingston. 845-256-5430.
Think of “The Central Perk” for mamas in the back room of the Hudson Valley Midwifery Center. Hang out with other mamas in the area and let your little one explore and make friends. Light refreshments will be served. All are welcome.

2. New Mother's Social Circle  

New Baby New Paltz, 264 Main St., New Paltz. 845-255-0624.
This group is for moms looking to meet other moms and babies for friendship, answers about your new baby, and socialization. This is for 0-8 month old babies, siblings are welcome. Your first time is free and then it's just $5.

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3. BYOB Movement for Mamas

Hudson Valley Midwifery Center, 14 Hurley Ave., Kingston. 845-256-5430.
Stretch and strengthen your body in a class specifically designed to be safe for a body healing from childbirth. Babies are welcome to eat, cry, play and basically be adorable in class. Must register.

4. Nursing Mother's Circle

Waddle n Swaddle, 32 Raymond Ave., Poughkeepsie. 845-240-8399.
This free program is designed to help mothers discuss various breastfeeding concerns. Bring your baby to share and learn in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.  Expectant Mothers are welcome.

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5. Growing Together

North East Community Center, 51 S.Center St., Millerton. 518-789-4259.
This group features fun activities for the kids, as well as a place for parents to have meaningful conversations.