Tips and tools for being a happier, more joyful parent

An introduction to mindful parenting

As the seasons change is a great time to take inventory of our life and ponder what we would like to change. Hudson Valley Parent wants to help you keep the one resolution we all should stick to - be happier, more mindful parents.

Although these were published several years ago, they still ring true in our lives today. With the stress we are experiencing maybe the mindfulness theme should become more prominent. Release stress. Become calm. Be happy. 

Get started on the road to a happier, more joyful family life!
Check out the video above to see author Kathy Walsh discuss Mindful Parenting, the idea of parenting moment-to-moment with an open heart. Visit Kathy's website here.
  • Discover what Mindful Parenting is all about

  • Learn how Mindful Parenting benefits your family

  • Tips and tools on becoming a mindful parent

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