18 ways to grow as a parent this October

Programs for Hudson Valley parents happening in October

Being a parent is GREAT…BUT every once-in-a-while it’s nice to take a little break from the soccer games, nap times, and homework to focus on your own mental, physical, spiritual and emotional growth. Here are some of our top programs for Hudson Valley parents happening this October!

New Mother's Social Circle.
Every Tuesday. 10am-12pm. New Baby New Paltz, 264 Main St., New Paltz. 845-255-0624

Looking to meet other moms? Searching for answers about your new baby? Craving social time? If so, this program may be just the thing you’re looking for. The group is for moms with babies 0-8 months (siblings welcome). Each week the group will explore a different parenting topic. It doesn't matter what kind of birth you had or how you feed and diaper your baby...the group just wants you to feel at home.

PEP Talks.

October 4, 13, 19 and 24. 12-2pm. Mental Health Association in Orange County, 73 James P. Kelly Way, Middletown. 845-360-6710
This program educates parents and community members about the health and safety risks associated with serving alcohol at teen house parties and increases awareness of and compliance with state underage drinking laws. This is a free program, but space is limited. Call to reserve your seat.

Striders Club
Every Wednesday. 9-10am. Newburgh Mall, 1401 Rte. 300, Newburgh. 845-564-1400

Join the path to fitness through this free walking program. The Striders Club is part of MVP’s commitment to promoting wellness in our community. You don’t need to be a MVP member to join you just have to like to walk.

BYOB Movement for Mamas
Every Wednesday. 1pm. Hudson Valley Midwifery Center, 14 Hurley Ave., Kingston. 845-256-5430

This class is designed to help moms in postpartum recovery and yes, you can BYOB… Bring Your Own Baby! Restore your strength and stamina. Stretch out tight shoulders and sore low back. Learn about posture and alignment to prevent aches and pains while feeding, carrying and sleeping.

Fall Job Fair 

October 5. 10am-3pm. Newburgh Mall, 1401 Rte. 300, Newburgh. 845-346-1304
Are you a new mom looking to re-join the workforce? Maybe you’re a stay-at-home dad looking to make some extra cash part-time… On Wednesday, October 5 come out to Newburgh Mall to meet with over 50 local companies looking to hire! Don’t forget to stop by and say hello to Hudson Valley Parent’s Publisher, Terrie Goldstein. We’re looking for a few great Media Advisors and freelance writers! Bring your resume.  

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Strengthening Families

Every Wednesday. 5:45-8:30pm. Washingtonville Middle School, 38 West Main St., Washingtonville. 845-344-1234
This fun, unique program allows parents and children to build upon their strengths, enhance relationship and communication skills, practice peer pressure resistance skills and learn how to work through critical teen issues together. This is a free program, but pre-registration is required.

Alzheimer's Awareness Workshop

October 6. 5-6:15pm. Hudson Area Library, 51 North 5th St., Hudson. 518-828-1792 ext. 101
This interactive workshop is designed to provide basic information about memory loss issues and what they mean for all of us. Explore the difference between memory loss brought about by normal aging versus Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. This program is free and open to the public.

Fans of Fiction
October 6. 7pm.
Tuxedo Park Library, 227 Rte. 17, Tuxedo Park. 845-351-2207

Join in for a lively book discussion led by Kathy Miller about October’s book selection, The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

Nursing Mother's Circle

October 6. 1-2pm. Waddle ‘n Swaddle, 32 Raymond Ave., Poughkeepsie. 845-240-8399
This free nursing circle is a support group designed to help with common breastfeeding concerns. The topics include general coverage of positioning, latch assessment, returning to work preparation, bottle introduction and adjusting to life with a breastfeeding baby. Bring your baby to share and learn in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Expectant Mothers are welcome. 

Chair Yoga 

October 10. 11am. Tuxedo Park Library, 227 Rte. 17, Tuxedo Park. 845-351-2207
Certified yoga instructor Helene Byron will talk you through this gentle form of yoga that is practiced while sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. Perfect for all levels. Chair yoga is a great way to relax from head to toe. Space is limited. Registration required.

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Optimizing Women's Health

October 16. 3pm. Tuxedo Park Library, 227 Rte. 17, Tuxedo Park. 845-351-2207
Dr. Elizabeth Poynor, MD, PhD, FACOG discusses Optimizing Women’s Health.
The focuses of the program will be on disease treatment and disease risk stratification and prevention. Her goal is to help every woman achieve their best health possible.

College Admissions

October 19. 6:30pm. Goshen Public Library, 203 Main St., Goshen. 845-294-6606
Thinking about going back to college or sending a child to college for the first time? Come learn how to perform your college search, manage the application process, and discover financial aid basics.

Discipline is Not a Dirty Word

October 19, 26 and November 2. 9:30-11:30am. St. Peters Lutheran Church, 31 West Main St., Port Jervis. 845-344-1234
Most parents agree that getting their children to behave is both important AND difficult. This series will help parents and caregivers learn and practice seven principles of positive and persuasive discipline. 

Let's Talk About... Cyberbullying

October 19. 6-8pm. Abbott House, 100 Commerce Dr., New Windsor. 845-344-1234
Cyberbullying is a real and growing problem for today's youth (and even adults). Join this hands-on workshop to talk about cyberbullying, discover how adults can help, and learn strategies to prevent cyberbullying.

Managing Stress
October 20. 7pm. Tuxedo Park Library, 227 Rte. 17, Tuxedo Park. 845-351-2207

Sandi Jeanette, Worksite Wellness Coordinator of Good Samaritan Hospital, will address the question: “How is stress affecting you?” Sandi will discuss ways to fight stress with healthy habits. Space is limited. Please register.

Free Fertility Testing

October 25. 5-6:30pm. RMACT Affiliate Office, 68 West Cedar, Ste. 1, Poughkeepsie.
What can a simple blood test tell you about your fertility? Plenty! A blood test is now able to tell women more easily than ever before about their potential to become pregnant. Light refreshments will be served. Registration required.

Healthy Heart ShopRite Tour

October 27. 10am-12pm. ShopRite of New Windsor, 384 Windsor Hwy., New Windsor. 845-563-8043
Join ShopRite for a fun and interactive grocery store tour that will help you learn how to plan affordable, healthy and delicious meals. Participants will receive free food samples and recipes during the tour. First 10 participants who register will receive a $10 ShopRite gift card. 

Relaxing with Lavender

October 27. 7pm. Tuxedo Park Library, 227 Rte. 17, Tuxedo Park. 845-351-2207 Alicia Forsini, owner of Sugar Loaf Mountain Herbs, will teach you about the benefits of, types of, and uses for Lavender. Create a sachet to take home. Space is limited. Please register.

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