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Paint Your Own Cactus Craft Project

A super easy, fun and inexpensive craft to do with the kids.

This week we stopped into one of our favorite local libraries for a crafting session. We have enjoyed visiting each week so far for some fun science and art activities. This week we painted our own cactus. It was so easy and so much fun! Take a look!


Planter or container

Paints – green, yellow, brown, red (the color of cacti) and white

Paint brushes

Small pebbles

Small, long rocks (that look like the arm of a cactus)

Small flower beads or bug shapes


*Optional table cloth or smock


Begin by filling your planter or container with small pebbles.

Next, select as many larger "cactus rocks" as you can fit standing up in your container. We used 4 rocks for our small (about 3 inches) container.

Paint each rock and allow time to dry. Use the white paint to create the needles on your cactus rock. You can make dots, “x” marks, hash tags, or whatever you think looks best.

Once the paint has fully dried, you can glue on your tiny flowers, or bugs. Allow the glue to fully dry before you arrange your cacti in your container and display.


Isn’t this adorable? It was such a quick project, perfect for an afternoon after a full day of activity, or a rainy day.

My favorite part is that I won’t need to remember to water them and no need to transplant them. They add a little color to a book shelf, a kitchen table or counter, or outside on the patio.

Does your library offer any fun art or science programs?

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