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Snap a photo for the 2022 Outdoor Photo Contest

Enter your best photo today

Enter your best photo today

DEC and NewYork State Parks announced the launch of the 2022 Outdoor Photo Contest to highlight the best of New York's natural beauty and special destinations among the state's campgrounds and parks. The online contest runs through mid-October, with the winning images to be featured in statewide digital and print campaigns. A grand prize winner will be selected along with six individual category winners. Learn more about the photo contest categories and submissions.

Prizes are awarded in six categories:

Photographs taken in other locations not managed by New York State Parks do not qualify.

Camping Life – From cozy bonfires to four-star outdoor dining, tents to campers, string lights to welcome mats, show us your clan’s unique camping style, and personal flair.

Seasonal Spectacular – New York State is beautiful year-round, so send us your images that showcase endless summer, fall foliage, winter wonderlands, or spring fever.

Action & Adventure – Capture the best of you and your ‘squad’ in action, whether on the water, at the beach, on the trail, on the playing fields, along the bike paths, on the links, or wherever you play hard in the parks.

Hiking – We love to see park visitors of all ages and abilities enjoying the trails. Pix of leashed, four-legged companions welcome too!

Views & Vistas – The Empire State is brimming with jaw-dropping, heart-stopping views. Capture and share some of these breathtaking natural settings.

Making Memories – First steps, learning to swim, fish tales, family bonding, old friends, new friends, marriage proposals, and more! Share your milestones and special memories.

Prizes are: One (1) grand prize consisting of $1,000 REI gift card, one (1) 4-person tent, one (1) 2023 Empire Pass, and one (1) $250 NY camping gift card. The approximate aggregate value of the grand prize is one thousand eight hundred and thirty dollars. ($1,830).

Six (6) category prize packages (one winner selected from each category below) consisting of one (1) $250 REI gift card, one (1) 2023 Empire Pass, and one (1) $100 NY camping gift card. The approximate aggregate value of the category prize is four hundred and thirty dollars. ($430).

Click here to submit your entry.

Find the best places to take photos here

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