Get your groove on

7 ideas for an outdoor party themes

Petting Zoo – Contact your local farm to see if they lend animals for petting zoos or if you can host a party at their location for a donation. The Southlands Foundation in Rhinebeck, Trevor Zoo in Millbrook or Catskill Animal Sanctuary are places to consider.  Send out zoo themed invitations and provide animal food in biodegradable cups or baggies. Make sure to have sanitizer on hand as well as one parent per animal for safety. 

Lets party... outdoors!

Movie Night
– Set up a movie theater in your backyard. Project the movie onto a white sheet or outside wall of your home. Set up chairs and use decorative lights as aisle runners! Provide popcorn, candy and drinks to your “guests”. Camping Adventure – Who doesn’t love a campout? Pitch 3 or 4 tents, set up a fire pit (with a safety guard!), roast marshmallows, sing songs and tell ghost stories. Teach the kids about the constellations and the night sounds that they hear . . . who knows, you may start a child on the road to loving the outdoors!
Scavenger Hunt – Use your own backyard or local park to stage a themed scavenger hunt. Purchase items at a local dollar store and make up a list. Divide guests into groups to find items with the winning team earning a prize (of course ALL teams win prizes in the end!)
Fairy Party – Decorate your party area with twinkling lights and create fairy dust packs with muslin and glitter. Have guests make their own magic wands with sticks, ribbons and tissue paper.  Each guest creates a “fairy name” and special power . . . let their imaginations run free!

Budget your party!
Olympics Sporting Competition – Set up a volleyball net, horseshoe pit, long jump and other sporting competitions. Award competitors with ribbons purchased from your local dollar store and remember to focus on the fun not who wins
Flower Party – Give each guest a flower pot, seeds, markers and stickers. Let them create their own flower pot and plant seeds that will remind them of this fun day well into the summer!
Painting Party – Hang white sheets on fencing or makeshift easels. Give each partygoer a palate of washable paints to create their own masterpieces. Fill spray bottles with food-dye and water.  Maybe you’ll discover your town Picasso! Visit your local teacher’s store or dollar store for painting supplies and favors!