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Mom hacks to make life easier outdoors

A garden, kids' space and more

Mom hacks for the outdoors

Moms have it hard enough already most of the time, so any tips or life hacks they can find to make things that little bit easier are usually very welcome. When it comes to your outdoor space, whether you’ve got a tiny garden or a huge yard, there is always some sort of maintenance required. Fortunately, we’ve put together some tips to make your life much simpler.

Minimize labor intensive plants

You don’t want to plant a lot of trees and plants that grow quickly. It is incredible how quickly some plants grow. This just leads to a lot of pruning and sweeping away dead leaves in the fall.

If you don’t already have demanding and intensive plants in your garden, definitely don’t go to the effort of adding some if you want a simple life.

There are plenty of trees and plants you can grow in containers and pots so that their growth is contained, and you can still have a beautiful garden. Did you know that shrubs like euonymus and berberis are slow growing, so they can add some interest and beauty without needing loads of maintenance?

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Mulch is food for your soil

Mulch is pretty much magic when it comes to your garden. It holds onto moisture for longer, so when it rains, or when you water your plants, the benefits can continue long after the initial rainfall. Mulch is also low maintenance and can be used in bedding and pots.

Go for a low maintenance artificial grass

Cutting the grass is not a fun job. Okay, maybe if you have a ride-on mower, it can be fun when the sun is shining, but generally, the grass is more effort than it is worth.

You can avoid this maintenance by installing artificial grass. This grass can have a lot of benefits, and as well as always looking great, it is usually totally pet-friendly and child-friendly, too. It’s a great way to ensure that the kids always have somewhere to play or just that your yard doesn’t get overgrown every few weeks. If you’re not the kind of mom who has a lot of time to spend mowing the lawn, artificial grass could well be the answer.

Get your children into gardening

Getting your kids into gardening can be a fantastic way to share the load when it comes to yard work. It's a good way to teach the kids a little about nature, science, and how plants work.

Why not try a project like growing some produce? The kids will be more inclined to look after the garden and to ensure that what they are growing really does produce the fruit or vegetable it is supposed to. If the kids are happy to manage the garden, then everybody wins.

Create a "Fun Zone" for kids

A dedicated fun zone for kids can be a perfect answer to making life easier. If you create a safe but enjoyable area for the children, it gives them a chance to engage in something while you are doing a bit of weeding or gardening. Also, it helps to confine any mess to one specific part of the yard. A fun zone can be just what children need to fall in love with spending time outside, too.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Sometimes, things can be too much for moms, and you might need to get some help. If you can afford to, why not pay a gardener to regularly visit and help you to keep everything in top condition?

Often, a local teenager trying to make a few extra dollars here and there might be willing to offer you some help with yard work, too. It is worth asking on Facebook groups, for instance.

Plus, if things are getting out of control and you just need that extra bit of help, you can always ask friends and family to get involved and help you to keep the garden in the best possible condition, or at least look presentable and stay fairly well managed.